MotorTrend Int’l Car Show – Las Vegas 2019

The 2019 MotorTrend International Car Show in Las Vegas was admittedly a little light on BMWs, but clearly did offer quite a bit of automotive eye candy. While being a tried and true BMW aficionado, I can also enjoy and appreciate a wide array of sports cars without being too biased toward my favorite Ultimate Driving Machines.

Such is life.

Regardless, there were many finely crafted examples of motorsport engineering on display at this years’ show.

The next time this show is held (and you’re in the area), I recommend getting there early in the morning (after breakfast, and certainly after coffee) and just take your time to enjoy. Even many of the new cars being displayed are interesting and are worth a look.

I attended this show with my wife and two young boys. My boys were enthralled with many of the cars and vendor displays and even my wife (not a car enthusiast) enjoyed the show.

So take a look and enjoy. Maybe I’ll see you at the next one . . .

Happy motoring!


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