Topic: Lighting

Yellowing Tail Light Restoration

Article by: CG Applies to: All e38 models (perhaps others). . . Problem: Yellowing of the tail lights. For those of you that are interested, its possible to recondition your tail lights, especially if they have yellowed over the years. Today, APW (Allan) brought over his 2001 e38 which is […]

e36 Modification of LKM for LED Headlights

Article by: Nybbles2Bytes Article applies to: all BMW e36 models. There are DIY’s out there showing how to disable this module when you put LED’s on however there is nothing to show how to make the module work completely correctly with LED’s–well, when I was looking about 2 years ago, […]

Z3 Headlights Open and Disassembly

Article by: Vinci Article applies to: all e36 Z3 roadster models. This guide covers the process of opening and disassembling the Z3 headlight assemblies. All Z3 models and years come with the same overall headlight assemblies, with minor internal differences. This guide applies to all variations. Please note that this […]

Rebuilding FTP Lights

Article by: Gerry at PhoenixMotorsport Article applies to: all E31 BMW models. Ok, so here we have another “How To” post, this time on those front Flash To Pass (FTP) lamps, or secondary main beams for us with Euro spec lamps. Normally, assembly is the opposite to the published stripping […]

Glovebox Flashlight LED Mod

Article by: Jon Evans Article applies to: most BMW models through the 1990s. I modified my glove box flashlight, adding a more powerful battery and converting the light source to three ultra-bright white LEDs. At the moment this is just a proof-of-concept. The torch at the moment is controlled by […]