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BMW Door Chime Repair

Article by: Chris D. / Gota525i

Article applies to: all e32 and e34 models.

My car no longer made a chime sound when I left my lights on or for any other reasons so I decided to fix it by replacing the door chime speaker under the dash.

Below are the steps needed to do this fix and is VERY easy to do.

Step 1:

There are 3 screws you need to remove before you can gain access to the chime speaker.

The pic below shows where the 3 screws are.

The left and right arrow show the screws closest to you while the middle one, is a bit farther back under the dash.

Step 2:

Pry down the plastic and you will then see the door chime speaker with 2 connectors attached.

First check to see if one is loose.

If not, then replace the chime speaker with a new one from Ebay if you can find it there or from the stealership.

Simply remove the connectors and replace it with the new chime speaker and you are good to go.

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