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BMW E32 E34 Check Engine Light / Stomp Test

Article by: author unknown

Applies to: All U.S. e32 and e34 models.

Reading Engine Fault Codes

To the best of my knowledge only US spec E32s and E34s are equipped with the feature to read engine codes as described below.

Apparently the ability the access codes was a US EPA requirement on new cars built after 19XX.

Canadian E32s and E34s might very well have this feature too.

Fault codes can be read by turning the ignition key on and fully depressing the accelerator pedal to the floor five times in five seconds.

The Check Engine Light will then remain on for five seconds, blink off, come on for 2.5 seconds, then go off for 2.5 seconds.

At this point, the fault codes will begin to flash.

If more than one fault has been detected, each code will be separated by a 2.5 second pause.

When all the fault codes have been displayed, there will be a 0.5 second flash and then the light will remain off.

To read the codes again, turn the ignition key off and then on again.

Depress the accelerator pedal to the floor five times quickly (within 5 seconds). The codes will begin to repeat.

To erase the fault code memory, first make sure that the fault code 1000 (short blink and light goes out for a long period) is present, then depress the throttle fully for at least 10 seconds.

Reactivate the fault code memory as described earlier and check for the 1444 code (no faults stored).

Here are the codes:

1211: DME Control Module
1215: Mass Air Flow
1216: Throttle potentiometer
1218: Output Stage Group 1
1219: Output Stage Group 2
1221: O2 Sensor 1
1212: O2 Sensor 2
1222: O2 lean/rich control stop
1213: O2 sensor 2 lean/rich c/s
1223: Coolant Temp Sensor
1224: Air Temp Sensor
1225: Knock sensor 1
1226: Knock Sensor 2
1227: Knock Sensor 3
1228: Knock Sensor 4
1231: Battery Voltage Monitor
1232: Idle Position Signal
1233: Wide Open Throttle Signal
1234: Speedometer A signal
1237: A/C cut-off
1242: A/C signal
1243: Crankshaft Position Sensor
1244: Camshaft Position Sensor
1245: Elect. Tranny control intervention
1247: Ignition Secondary Monitor
1251: Fuel injectors 1,3,5
1252: Fuel injectors 2,4,6
1251: Fuel Injector 1
1252: Fuel Injector 2
1253: Fuel Injector 3
1254: Fuel Injector 4
1255: Fuel Injector 5
1256: Fuel Injector 6
1257: Fuel Injector 7
1258: Fuel Injector 8
1261: Fuel Pump
1262: Idle Speed Control
1263: Evap. System
1264: O2 Sensor Heater
1265: Check Engine Lamp
1266: VANOS
1267: Air Pump
1271: Ignition Coil 1
1272: Ignition Coil 2
1273: Ignition Coil 3
1274: Ignition Coil 4
1275: Ignition Coil 5
1276: Ignition Coil 6
1277: Ignition Coil 7
1278: Ignition Coil 8
1281: DME Memory
1282: Fault Code Memory
1283: Fuel Injector Output Stage
1286: Knock Control test pulse
1000: End of faults
1444: No faults

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