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Driver’s Glovebox Latch

Article by: Ralph

Article applies to: e32 models with a Driver’s side glovebox.

Problem: The driver’s glovebox latch became detached and the door hung loose.

Possible fix: Make a new spring, or if you are lucky, find the old spring somewhere under the seat.

Removing the glovebox:

If you want to remove the glovebox, remove the three screws at the bottom, and unhook the strap from the box (you need to push in a clip from behind).

The latch in all its looseness, with the spring I found under the seat:

Closeup of the spring:


If you don’t have the old one, you can probably make your own from steel wire or a big paperclip.

Remove the 5 screws from the back of the lock.

The only thing to keep an eye out for is that the two screws on the right have a different thread than the other three, so make sure to install those in the same place when you put it back together:

Remove the latch from it’s housing by carefully bending the housing outwards, and pulling the latch out:

Insert the spring as shown below, and then insert the latch again:

Put everything back together, and you are all done!

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