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E32 750 Factory Options

Article by: Sean750

Applies to: All E32 750 models.

Above: A build sheet / options list from an E38 7 Series.

This listing is unfortunately not comprehensive. It’s almost an impossible task due to model changes per year, where some options where optional and the next year standard, options sometimes discontinued and new options added.

Also, standard equipment and available options may differ from country to country. Some official car importers decided to add options to the standard equipment, and removed available options for their particular country.

For instance, an engine pre-heating system option used in northern countries wasn’t obviously available in south-Africa.

Also, a lot of options where standard on the 750iL (like the LAD suspension) but where optional for the 750i. To make things more complicated, the 750i was never officially imported into the US.

The short wheel base version of the mighty twelve was only in Europe and some other parts of the world available.

How to get the option codes for your seven? You can get the specific list for your car at your BMW dealer.

The guy behind the counter can enter your VIN into a special program where he sees al information about your car like model code, engine, color, trim, date of purchase, build date and every option.

Just ask him nice.

Comment from Johan: ‘Another place to look for the option list is underneath your rear-seat’ (following pictures made by Johan):

Remove your backseat:

It’s a tiny folded piece of paper between the upholstery and the foam:

This shows what actually was printed. It’s the backseat of a 730i, and the option-code’s are mentioned as SA:

Jeff Wheeler added the following picture and comment to this: ‘Here is a pic of where the option list is in a ’92 E32 with power rear seats’:

Notice the battery, so you know which backseat to remove.

This list gives a good impression about what was available for your car and what the meaning is of the codes. The prices are including taxes and in euro’s/US dollar, based on an European price list and may vary from country to country.

Option CodeDescriptionPriceRemarks
73cold weather packagen/acould somebody give information about this? Engine preheater standard?
96first-aid kitn/astandard in some countries. Located underneath passenger seat
199no catalytic convertors708only first production year(s), later this option was discontinued
209limited slip differential (final drive)76325% limited/lock, 3.15 ratio
214asc+t automatic stability control with traction controln/abecame standard on 90-> models
219leather sport steering wheel73diameter 385mm instead of the 380mm for the 3,5 and 6 series. Those extra 5 mm will do the job.
220LAD self levelling rear suspension1281only for the rearaxle/ standard on 750i(L) models and all L models / not available for US short wheel based models
222EDC electronic damper control II1896rarely seen option/ also available on the 730i/735i models but strangely almost as twice as expensive/ no OEM-aftermarket replacements available
223EDC electronic damper control IIIn/asee above
235tow barn/a
240leather airbag steering wheel2168steering wheel adjustment isn't possible with this option in first production year(s)/ not possible in combination with sports steering wheel / always leather
245electric adjustable steering columnn/aradial, not sure about axial
288wheel cross spoke 225/60R15n/a
291wheel cross spoke 240/45 17 inch TRX1246expensive TRX wheels, therefore not very desirable/ also 235-45 was available
293TD alloy wheels & tiresn/a
302anti-theft alarm with remote controln/aremote sensor is located near sunroof switch and interior lights
303additional anti-theftn/awhat does this mean? Handcuffs?
314heated outside mirrorsn/avirtually standard on every 750i(L)
320no 750 badge on the trunk---the only option without extra cost
339shadow-linen/ablack trim strips on all window frames (both interior & exterior)
black side-protection mouldings
body-coloured bumper-top trims
body-coloured headlight washer jet nozzle (if applicable)
354anti-glare windshield strip72virtually every E32 has this option
365laminated safety glass rear window with invisible heating wires226*extremely* rare!
401electrical sliding and lifting sunroof1567
415electrical rear sunshade/rear screen blind192in some countries standard on 750iL models
416electrical rear sunshade/rear screen blind and rear door manual blinds in the main and quarter windown/athose rear door manual blinds are very sought after, kinda holy grail
428triangle + first aid kitn/ain some countries standard equipment
430automatic dimming interior rearview mirrorn/amost wanted sought after item, can be retro fitted
458electrical seat adjustment for driver and passenger1705
459electrical seat adjustment for driver and passenger with memory (also mirrors), dipping right mirror and comfort seats2393standard on 750iL models
460/461electrical rear seat adjustmentn/astandard on 750iL models / in combination with 499
464ski sack176a truly must_to_have....
469standard front seatsn/aprobably sort of downgrading the seats, never seen this
481sport seats2275included with option 458
sport seats2963included with option 459
488electric lumbar support driver seat285
489electric lumbar support passenger seat285
494electrical heated seats driver/passenger446in some countries only in combination with 459/ in some countries standard on iL models
496seat heating for rear seatn/ain some countries standard on iL models
499electrical adjustable rear headrests280in some countries standard on iL models
500headlight washing system475standard on iL models
522Xenon headlightsn/aonly from '93->. There are 2 types: Bosch and Hella
528auto air re-circulationn/a
536park heating (preheating interior) with timer (from webasto)1408included with option 537
537park ventilation with timer113standard on iL models (preheating system is separate!)
5602 reading lights rear compartment127standard on iL models
564interior light packagen/a
571larger alternatorn/a140 amps version
634Telephone installation for BMW C netn/amost likely you can't use this anymore, it's obsolete. Some reported converting this kind of installation.
676premium audio hi-fi system & speakersn/aamplifier located at the left side in trunk
685radio aerial for aboven/afor telephone? Only in combination with 634? Anyone a clue?
687radio pre wiringn/astandard, but not sure about this
778marking BMW Individualn/anot sure about this one, can somebody confirm this?
801build for German marketn/aequipped with rare double piston front brake calipers after '92
812build for England/GB/UK marketn/adriver and wheel at the wrong side (no debate here 😉
820build for Brasil marketn/awhat are the differences? anyone?
850larger gasoline/fuel tankn/astandard on iL models
860side turn signals (front)41standard on US models and some other countries
847/575extra battery in trunk for cellular telephonen/aonly in combination with a onboard telephone
857preparation for supplemental automatic climate control installationn/ahighline version only (?)
899export vehiclen/anot really an option but more identification
923narrow kidney grilln/aupon special request, the 750 could be delivered with a small kidney grill and hood/ where are talking about a rare option...
925shipping protection packagen/acovered in waxoil, probably only for overseas countries
-standard leather interior (seats only)2301initially in 6 colors, standard on iL models
-full leather interior (incl. console, doorpanels, dash)6772in some countries standard on iL models instead of above option
-buffalo leather interior (seats only)3593this isn't the shiny, smooth leather but has bit 'rougher' surface and it is softer, more flexible. Nice!
-full buffalo leather interior (incl. console, doorpanels, dash)8257most expensive option, very desirable/ included with option 415/ if the full leather interior is standard (iL models) this option cost approx. 1355.00 extra

Sometimes you’ll see an 750iL for sale with the words ‘full options’ or ‘loaded’. In most of the cases that is not true. A lot of options where already standard, like leather (early years) and air conditioning.

Desirable options for the 750iL are for example a full buffalo leather interior, park heating or EDC (and on the early models things like ASC and Airbag).

That means, if the EDC shocks are still OK. Or else, due to the incredible replacing costs, it isn’t a very desirable option in my humble (as always) opinion….

Standard equipment for the 750i:

– front fog lights (underneath bumper)
– metallic paint without extra costs
– first aid kit underneath passenger seat
– leather steering wheel and gear knob
– armrests front seat
– armrest back seat
– cruise control
– climate control with air conditioning
– On-board Computer (OBC)
– make-up mirrors illuminated
– Servotronic (speed depending steering assistance)
– tinted glass
– electrical windows front & rear
– central locking (also on trunk/fuel filler gap)
– electric adjustable mirrors
– heated outside mirrors
– automatic transmission
– adjustable steering column, mechanical
– alloy wheels (choice of several kinds)
– windshield washer nozzles heated
– fully carpeted trunk (for 750il available in 3 colors)
– radio antenna integrated into the rear window
– full wooden interior trims
– heated door lock driver side
– later models ASC+T standard
– interior front map lights

Additional standard equipment for the 750iL:

– electrical adjustable rear seats and headrests
– heated rear seats, but not sure about that
– full leather interior, some countries a standard leather interior
– headlight washing system
– reading lights rear compartment
– electric adjustable front seats incl. heating (and memory?)
– LAD self leveling system
– electrical rear sunshade (not every country)
– park ventilation with timer

Nice story Sean, but how do I recognize the options on my car without an option list? Fair enough, here are the pictures:

Airbag steering wheel

Cellular phone

Optional CD changer and amplifier in the trunk.

Electric heated seat (upper switch) & electric lumbar support (lower switch).

Full leather interior. Meaning: leather around center console (notice the stitches), parts of the dash, glove box and door panels.
The wooden ashtray is from 91 onward. The earlier model didn’t have this.

Sports steering wheel diameter (385 mm). Note this is not the M type wheel.

Sport seats. Always electric adjustable, so that isn’t an extra option. This is grey leather upholstery
(aka ‘silver’).

This means big trouble. These are cross spoke 240/45 17 inch TRX rims. The tires are very expensive to to replace.
Get yourself a standard pair of rims so you can use normal tires.

Automatic dimming rear view mirror. Rare!

Headlight high pressure washing system. Standard on 750iL,option on 750i.

ASC (upper switch), EDC (lower switch)
This car has both, but only ASC or only EDC is also possible. This is the position of the switches from ’87 to ’92.
After that the switches moved next to the ashtray.

Electric adjustable rear seat. Standard on 750iL.

Electric adjustable front seat with memory. Standard on 750iL.

Electrical sliding and lifting sunroof.

Now we are talking about a rare upholstery, BMW individual red leather. Some may find it pimpish, but I like it!
The owner (Alexander from Germany) comments:’The car itself is a white (!) 1989 E32 750iL (Alpinweiss II) with this
beautiful red leather interior. Totally everything inside is red!’

BMW individual green leather upholstery…a rare individual color.

Well, it doesn’t get any better than this. The E32 god of them all. 750il Royal-Individual Highline.
The leather upholstery is champagne Napa leather with black piping and the option list is a mile long.

Rare combination of white leather with an light-blue upper dash. RHD, non-standard steering wheel. Gorgeous!!

Well, it doesn’t get any worse like this. BMW individual interior, made upon special request of the owner (head of MCM).

Rare Alpina B11-4.0 v8 interior.

Notice the absolute lack of wood inside and the 2 tone steering wheel.

White leather with an black upper dash. Non-standard steering wheel.

BMW individual. Probably walnut wood finish.

Magnificent grey leather interior, custom made for Karl Lagerfeld. Notice the trim finish.

The two pictures above are of a very rare full blue leather interior. Non-standard steering wheel.
This is probably BMW Individual, because a blue interior was never a standard factory option.
This color is known as ‘Tobagoblau’ color number 1371.

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