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Glovebox Shock Absorber

Article by: Johan

Article applies to: all e32 and e34 models.

When I opened my glove box it just fell open and dangled forward. Time to replace those gas shocks! There are two in the dash.

One is an absorber to make the dash open gently downwards. The other one is a gas shock holding the compartment in the back or all the way forward in the direction of the driver.

Fixing it:
If you’re just replacing the absorber you can do this with the compartment in your car. For the shock you have to remove the entire box.

The absorber just clips off and the new one just clips on.


When you’re replacing the shock you have to take out the compartment.

To remove the glove box:

– Remove the black plastic cover on the hinge (right rear side).
– Remove the torch charger socket and loosen the wires.
– The front part is held by the absorber and a strap. Un-clip these.
– To loosen the rear part you have to open the plastic clips in the rear.

Removing the gas shock is quite easy since it probably lost most of the pressure.

You can just pry it off with a screwdriver.

To replace the shock I first fitted the top, then using a screwdriver I levered the bottom into place using the nut on the support bar.


Now you’re all ready to re-install the glovebox!

Below is a list of replacement parts.

BMW Part NumberDescriptionPriceQTY
51161948137Gas shock$175.002

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