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M-Sport Side Mirrors

The part #’s for the M Technic mirrors for all E34 M5’s.

For M5’s with memory mirrors.
51 16 2 257 583 / 51 16 2 257 584

For M5’s without memory mirrors
51 16 2 257 507 / 51 16 257 508

The mirror glass is the same as the M3 for driver and passenger sides.

I just bought the mirrors and should be receiving them tomorrow per FedEx. According to the parts manager at my local dealer, this was the last set of nonmemory mirrors left in the U.S. in BMW NA part warehouse. I don’t know about memory type. Hopefully, this helps everybody out, my parts guy told me that the mirror is the same as the M3 but the base for the door is different, but if you ever damage your mirrors or break off you can use the M3 cause its the same 3 bolts that hold the assembly.

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