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Sway Bar Links

Article by: Johan

Article applies to: all E32 and E34 models

Problem: When you go over a bump and you hear a clunk sound coming from the front then you might want to replace the sway bar links.

They are located on both sides of the front side stabilizer bar. I replaced them because my car wandered all over the road and felt very soggy.

When looking at the sway bar links I noticed the rubber seals had cracked so I decided to replace them.

Replacing the bars: Replacing the swing supports is an easy job to do.

Being a very lazy person I always try to unbolt as little as possible. So I decided to leave the wheels on…guess what ?…WRONG CHOICE.

I didn’t have enough clearance to undo the upper nuts with the wheels on.

So jack up the car and remove the wheels 🙂 Then unbolt the old supports and put the new ones on.

That’s all there is to it. Be sure to get new locking nuts as they should only be used once.

When unbolting the old bars the ball joint will turn along with the nut. You can hold the ball joint in place with a #16 spanner.

Soaking the nuts in WD-40 isn’t such a bad idea…

All done!

Required parts and cost: The prices mentioned here are in Euros without any taxes. The European prices may differ.

You can also get the parts from a general car parts store. The OEM parts are from LEMFORDER.

I recommend purchasing the heavy duty version as they are stronger and will last longer.

BMW Part NumberDescriptionPriceQTY
31351134582Sway link$37.952
07129964672Locking Nuts$1.504

Skills needed/difficulty level: As I mentioned before this is a very easy job.

Replacing the links and having a coffee break took me about an hour.

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