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Wheel Lock Removal – Without Key DIY

Article by: defkon99

Applies to: All BMW models. . .

OK here it is, Pics not that good because I took um with my camera phone.

Step 1: The Tools

1. 15″ or 24″ breaker bar. I used a 15″ and worked great!
2. Wheels locks on most bmw’s are 17MM so use a Craftsman 19mm Socket (1/2″) which will fit just right. 18mm will also work sometimes.
3. 5″ ratchet extension.
4. Any decent sized hammer.

Step 2: The problem : You got wheel locks but lost the key either buy a new one or do this.

Step 3: Connect both the extension and the socket because your going to need to hammer it onto the wheel lock.

Try to hammer it in as strait as possible or else you wont get a good grip on it, and it will slip. Obviously take care not to hit the wheel with the hammer.

Editor’s Note: I used 18mm deep sockets and heated the socket with a torch to get it warm/hot. Not glowing – just hot’ish.

Then I tapped the socket onto the lock with the extension connected. Then I let it cool. This allowed the socket to really grip the wheel lock.

Step 4: After it’s in, bust out the breaker bar. . . and if you’ve got a good grip it will come off fairly easy.


Now you’re not done yet here comes the hard part, which will probably take the most time.

Step 5: Removing the stud from the Socket. Get your hammer and with it under your foot bang that thing then turn wack at it then turn it will loosen up eventually, just don’t hit your head with the opposite side of the hammer.

Oh yea, if you have a vise try sticking some in there and hammer it out like that. but whatever.

Editor’s note: I simply put the socket in a vice and used a punch and hammer through the 3/8″ hole to tap the wheel lock out. This saves the threads on the wheel lock(s) from being damaged – as you WILL eventually find the key. I promise.

Edited by M. Oswald

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