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E34 Clutch Stop

Article by: ImGreek

Applies to: e32 and e34 5-speed models, possibly others.

Quite a few others have made DIYs for a clutch stop, but I decided to make my own.

The e32s and e34s, unlike the e36s and others, does not have a threaded hole on the floor for a clutch stop, but a un-threaded hole on the brake /clutch bracket, which is pictured below.


I wanted the setup to be more like the DIY setup I made in my E36 M3, as it was quite solid and there was no chance of the clutch pedal not making contact.

So I went out and bought the necessary hardware (from Ace Hardware and Lowes):

bump hardware

qty 1 – 1/4”-20, 1″ Long threaded furniture slider
qty 2 – 1/4″-20 Nuts
qty 2 – 1/4″ Washers
qty 1 – package of 1-1/2″ self-stick felt furniture pads (from your favorite hardware store)

Center a felt pad on the center of the furniture slider

felt bump

This shows the how the nuts and washers will be oriented. The metal bracket will be in between the two washers.

The nuts will be tightened, to push against each other and hold firmly on the bracket, through the hole.

Felt bump and hardware

This is the hole that it will be going through. Tighten the nuts, against each other, against the bracket.

target mount

This is what the final product will look like:

bump installed

Here is a look of the pedal touching the clutch stop as it is fully depressed:

bump final

At this point you should adjust it per your clutch’s engagement point.

Make sure that your clutch fully engages and to be safe, in my opinion, leave a little more room behind the engagement point.

Be logical here and don’t destroy your clutches by not having it adjusted correctly!

It makes everything feel so much nicer and it got rid of a lot “play” behind the engagement point.

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