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M30 Big Bore Throttle

This throttle will fit both manual and automatic transmission cars. The throttle has been bored out 3mm all the way through and trumpeted on the intake side. Also, one side of the butterfly arm has been cut out to increase flow and a new butterfly plate has been made to match the larger bore. All of these changes amount to a 13% increase in flow. On this particular throttle body, the linkage was in bad shape so I replaced it with an updated design. The arm is made out of 6061 Aluminum and the bushings are Delrin. While it does look like the linkage is screwed on, it isn’t it is press fit and will not come apart.

I have one of these on my car and the difference is very noticeable. The power under the curve increases, the throttle response is greatly improved and the torque when driving at highway speeds goes from nonexistent to instantaneous. This is particularly enjoyable when you’re passing slower cars




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