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M30 Monster Build

This project was started with the following thought process in mind:

Build a M30 engine with all of the modern updates possible. See what happens:

This engine was built with the following:

Euro M90 ‘L’ block w/ custom under piston oil spray nozzles

S38 Individual Throttle Bodies

Carbon Fiber plenum

Forged ‘H’ Beam connecting rods

Forged aluminum – titanium pistons

Forged custom crank

95mm bore X 94mm stroke with a 4.0 liter total displacement.

DIY PNP Megasquirt 3 ECU

Nuke fuel rail

Nuke fuel pressure regulator

Waste spark system w/ MSD coils and 6A spark controllers.

MAP Sensor

100lb Bosch 4 port injectors

Wide band O2 Sensor

Hydrogen Generator

Billet crank hub

Rocker arm locks

Crimped oil spray bar

Billet rockers

Dual row springs

Hardened valve retainers

Titanium valve locks

3 angle grind

Electric dual stage cooling fan

Oil filter canister with fittings for external oil cooler

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