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Refit E31 Headlamp Assemblies

      “How To” . . . Refit E31 Headlamp Assemblies

Article by: Gerry at PhoenixMotorsport

Article applies to most BMW models.

Now making the assumption that the lift height is correctly adjusted as per my “How To….. headlamp frame” post, then now we need to assemble the lamp pod and carrier to the car.

Firstly we set the height posts correctly with tool 63.0.113 that I have made here.

Like this.

Set height is 5.0mm for the front 2 adjusters and 9.5mm for the rear 2. My tools are effectively a double ended feeler gauge but you can get fairly close with a ruler.

Now refit the headlamp bucket on the 4 protruding studs

And refit the flat washers and 17mm nuts GENTLY, (seen in gold and blue alloy in the pic) so that the bucket can be moved side to side with a small amount of resistance. You can now proceed to refit the headlamp cover and go through the procedure for correct bucket alignment within the bonnet (Hood) aperture.

Now you can reconnect the wiring and refit the rear mounting support bracket……

I would like to point out at this point that years of maintenance and wear will all have an effect on headlamp alignment, as will suspension changes/settlement, and although my methods may seem extreme, IMHO, it is not prudent to try and make corrective headlamp alignments with the plastic adjusters if you are not 100% sure the lamp is correctly positioned in the car in the first place, and is lifting the correct amount. Once this is done, you can go ahead and using a female TX25 Torx bit, E6 socket or M4 Alldrive socket…….
correctly align the headlamps as per your countries regulations………

preferably with a headlamp beam setter, (not a white wall!) ensuring the headlamp level adjuster inside the cabin is set to zero. It’s then time to check that all is working correctly and pat yourself on the back for a job done properly.

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