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M Parallel Wheel Fitment

Article by: Mike Oswald

Article applies to: all E31, E32, E34, E38, and E39 models.

We all know which wheel is King. If not the best looking wheel, it’s pretty close.

In addition to being amazing looking, the M Parallel is lightweight and factory forged.


Notice the markings on the wheel. In addition to what is shown below these wheels will be marked with “BMW” as well.

Beware of cast non-BMW replicas that are not nearly as strong.

In the table below you will see a list of M Parallel variants and corresponding BMW models.

Please note that the E38 version fits perfectly on the E32 . . . as I have a set on one of my E32 cars.

M Parallel Wheel Fitment Info.FrontRearOffsetHub Size
E3118X8"18x9.5"ET 13 (Front)
ET 25 (Rear)
E34 M518X8"18X9"ET 20 (Front)
ET 22 (Rear)
E3818X8"18x9.5"ET 13 (Front)
ET 25 (Rear)
E3918X8"18x9"ET 20 (Front)
ET 24 (Rear)

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