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OBC Bulbs

Article by:Johan

Applies to: all e32 and e34 models.

Problem : The OBC remains dead and I can’t see the excellent fuel economy it doesn’t get anyway.

Let’s get to work : First you will have to remove your radio.

As all radio’s are mounted differently and I never had a stock BMW radio I won’t cover the radio removal.

When the radio is out reach in the hole and pull the lever at the rear of the OBC.

Be sure to catch the OBC as it will come flying out of the dash!


Just to give you an idea of how the mechanism works a couple of pictures of the frame:


It’s also easy to pull the radio and OBC carrying chassis out.


The OBC IV will have three 12v 1.2 watt bulbs that are located here:


Of course you can’t reach then with your hands that would be to easy. So use a set of pliers to turn the bulbs out of the OBC:


When you have changed all the bulbs just push the OBC back into the frame.

Now when you turn on the ignition the OBC will display “PPPP”.

This actually means it hasn’t received any data from the dashboard code plug.

Starting the car or just leaving the ignition on II will get it back into the usual display mode.


When complete, just slide the OBC back into the chassis and it will click into place.


Total amount of parts and cost: about 1 Euro/Dollar per piece

Total amount of time: 5 minutes when the radio is out

Skills needed/difficulty level: basic stuff

Satisfactory level after the job done: and let there be light . . .

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