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OBC Temp at -30

Article by: Johan

Article applies to: all e32, e34 models.

Problem: Since I had the car I’ve had some problems with the OBC temperature reading.

The reading would drop about 10 degrees when the front fog lights where turned on.

About one year later the OBC temperature reading stayed at -30 Celsius and the check control started giving fog light errors every now and then.

Now I was finally fed up with those irritating “dong” sounds . . .



Solution: In my case the problem was caused by a corroded plug on the bumper wiring loom.

The connector is located on the left side of the car just behind the bumper.

It’s quite easy to get to from inside the engine compartment on my car.

But then again I have a 6 cylinder without the headlamp washing system and thus without an air filter box or washer tank in the way.


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