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Rear Door Handle Replacement

Article by: Johan

Article applies to: all e32 and e34 models.


This time it’s a minor problem. The rear door handle didn’t move smoothly and sometimes stayed in an upright position.

As I never get in the back of my car I wasn’t planning on ever fixing this. But when I got a door handle I decided to replace it anyway.

Let’s get to work:

To get to the door handle you have to remove the door panel. Well this is one of my favorite things (NOT). But after all the troubles I had with the locking system I’m getting really good at this.

First remove the wood from the door. If it’s really stuck carefully pry it off with a screwdriver.

And the rear part of the wood trim.

Undo the two screws around the door handle.

Unscrew the locking pin.

Now carefully pry the door panel off. I couldn’t find my taped up putty knife so I used a screwdriver wrapped in a cloth.

I prefer the taped up putty knife as there is less change of damaging the paint.

The upper part can be un-clipped and can be removed with a flat blade.

After you worked the panel loose. Pull it slightly upwards.

Now remove the electrical connector to the window switch.

And the cable from the door handle to the lock.

Don’t forget the connectors for the ashtray light and the courtesy light.

Put the panel away and remove the blind cap for the lock.

Pull the slider inside the hole. I used a bent screwdriver.

Now the outside cover will fall off. Giving you two new screws to undo.

And now the fun starts. The handle is lose but can’t be moved out as the window rail is in the way.

So you will have to move the metal plate holding the locking and window mechanisms out of the way.

The plate is held in place by four bolts and the lock which is riveted to the plate has three torx screws.

Don’t forget screw number thee that’s hiding behind the door rubber.

Now you can maneuver out the old handle and replace it with the new one.

I thought mine was broken but as it turned out it was only missing a hinge pin. So I could’ve replaced the pin with a tie wrap or something like that 🙂

Total amount of time: 1 hour

Skills needed/difficulty level: Pretty straightforward. Having small hands helps to get the handle out.

Satisfactory level: Can’t really say anything here as the backseat is almost never in use.

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