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E34 Front Grill and Bumper Removal

Article by: Winston Fong

Article applies to: all E34 models.

Need to replace a headlight or make an adjustment to them or replace the aux fan resistor or outside temperature sensor.

Removing the front grill to access the headlights or fan resistor can be confusing.

Thus making it quite difficult if you don’t know how.

First you should open the hood and remove the screw in the center grill and release the two tabs shown below.

Next you will need a very long screw driver to release the tabs on the far edge of the grill.

Reach in the grill with a screwdriver and release the two bottom tabs to release bottom of grill and panel.

Below is location of screws to remove side grills.

Remove side marker light by using screwdriver to compress tab while prying it out.

Now slide the sides of the black bumper strip forward and out to remove it.

This will expose the 2 nuts per side for removing the bumper.

Disconnect and pull the wires through the bumper for the marker lights, fog lights, outside temperature sensor.

Undo the bumper mounting bolts and pull the bumper straight out.

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